To Mix or Not to Mix!

“Can you mix gold and silver?” This is a highly debated question that people in the world of fashion have been asking forever; it may even compare in importance to “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” We are here to settle the debate once and for all, so let’s start talking about mixing metals.

Traditionally, it may have been taboo to wear your gold bracelet, platinum engagement ring and rose gold earrings all at one time, but trends have changed and there are no longer standards for how to mix your metals. Not only is it now acceptable, it is also very on trend. Women across the globe are taking advantage of the fact that the ideas of “fashion rules” are diminishing and the only rule that really matters is, “make sure you look good and feel good.”

The key to wearing multiple metals together is to use moderation and make sure you are mixing jewelry pieces that are compatible in style. The best way to execute this is to try and combine pieces that aren’t statement pieces nor too flashy on their own. Rose gold jewelry makes for great transition pieces that you can add to your look in order to smoothly unify wearing gold and silver together. It’s subtle and elegant, making it the perfect buffer metal for combing the two opposites.

The wonderful thing about fashion is how fluid it is. If executed correctly, any fashion rule can be broken. We fully celebrate the idea that women are pushing boundaries and straying away from traditional standards when it comes to their jewelry. To answer the original and long debated question, “yes, you can wear gold and silver together.” Women everywhere are realizing that not only can different metals look good together, but it also adds personality to any ensemble.



Now that you have your answer, go forth and mix away. Don’t forget, rules are meant to be broken; you just have to make sure you’re having fun while doing it!

Below are a few examples of how we have mixed some Misayo House jewelry pieces in a “we are setting new standards” manner. In order to encourage you to join our league of fashion trailblazers, we have suggested some timeless Misayo House pieces that would be perfect for mixing. These pieces all have the ability to be worn alone or be combined with other pieces for a stylish and chic look.


"X" Pave Ring