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Dying Taught Me How To Truly Live"...compelling words from our first #MHGEM, Lisa Washington!

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Every Woman Has A Story: This is Hers!

Lisa Washington

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

“Keep it simple and it will not be complicated.”

This quote is from my mom. She would tell me all the time when I was upset, discouraged, felt defeated or over thinking things. “Lisa keep it simple.” The latter part of the quote is added, because I found out that when I kept it simple, life became less complicated. I still use it today, it’s more of mantra for me in all that life brings.

What fuels your fire & what keeps you going (even when challenged)?

God!!! My husband, my family and my spiritual tribe. We do nothing alone in this beautiful thing called life. When I am challenged, I have to go back to the TRUTH. I have to go get quiet and whisper to God and my soul, tell me the truth and allow my heart to be open to hear it. I go only to those that I know are for me when I can’t hear the truth clearly and I ask with an open heart, Tell me the truth. This is how I get through.

What would you like people to know about you?

Dying taught me how to truly live. I have been married to the love of my life for 24 years AND 12 years ago, he saved my life by being my kidney donor. We have two adult kids, Julian, 32 and Tyler, 19 and two beautiful grandkids, Naleyla, 8 and Mikey, 5. I believe the trials and suffering we are born with and born into is God’s way of preparing us for our calling and how we will impact and change the world. My mother never made me feel like I was the sick kid, so I was the kid that could draw, sing, write poetry, and do whatever and have whatever my spirit imagined. This truth has birthed into my life some of the most amazing blessings and opportunities. First off being a mom…because I was told I would never have children. Marrying the love of my life because I was told “no one is going to marry a sick single mom” but now we’ve been together for 26 years. I started a beauty and wellness company 14 years ago because I overcame being called the sick ugly duckling as a child. Now, I inspire women everywhere to find the true beauty inside and allow it to shine from the inside out, to know that when we live well, we live beautifully. My love for cooking landed me on a season of Food Network and made me a health and wellness contributor for television, radio and magazine publications. We are born with destiny living and breathing inside of us and sometimes that is found in our suffering. Once you see that all of life serves your highest good, victory and defeat are only benefitting to your life journey.

What does Women Celebrating Women mean/look like to you?

Women Celebrating Women is huge! Woman have enough negativity in this world, just from the everyday challenges living in this world as a woman. We don’t need that from one another.

I believe it is when we shine the light on our sisters and say, We see you! We are for you! We got you! We celebrate you! When you shine, we all shine. When you rise we, all rise. When you hurt, we all hurt. When you are down, we all are down, so let me stop and pick you up, sister. When you lack, we all lack, so let me help you live in this abundance. This is what Women Celebrating Women looks like to me. 

Lisa is the CEO/Founder of Wellness and Beauty company, B'Tyli. She is also a survivor, author, chef, yogi, motivational speaker and life coach. 

Instagram: @lifewithlisawashington