Celebrating Women Style Icons Throughout History

In honor of Women’s History Month, we look back at some of our favorite fashion icons that have influenced style and trends to this day. From Gabrielle Chanel and her pearls to Jackie Kennedy and her pillbox hats, there are some women who transcend their time and cement themselves as true icons in style. From actresses to singers to First Lady’s, here are 7 influential fashionista’s who changed the game for their time- or are still changing it today.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, who was known for impeccable style, was one of the most influential style icons of her time. Mostly seen in tailored ensembles and feminine dresses her style was classic and sophisticated. Hermès even named a bag after her, “The Kelly”, after she was photographed with it repeatedly.

Source: Vogue France

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Diana Ross

The original queen of glamour has always been unapologetically herself- and her style shows for it. She redefined the term “diva” and continued to straddle the line between costume and everyday wear. From extravagant wigs to embellished gowns, she is the pinnacle of ageless beauty and an original symbol of black excellence.

Source: CR Fashion Book

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Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor embodied glamour everywhere she went. Whether she was wrapped in fur, donned a plunging evening gown, or was drowning in diamonds, her fashion sense was fearless. Her love for everything glitz and glam still has an impact on the fashion industry today. With all of her over the top styles, she really was the queen of diamonds.

Source: Forbes

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Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy’s name has become synonymous with pillbox hats, oversized sunglasses, and Chanel suits. She had a chic and simple approach to dressing, and she truly rewrote the world’s view of conservative clothes. The media become obsessed with her chic style, and paved a way for First Lady’s to make fashion statements which has become popular in today’s politics.

Source: W Magazine

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Princess Diana

Princess Diana of Wales was revered around the world in the 80’s, with her legacy of fashion trailing behind her legacy of having a generous and caring heart. She dressed like a chic royal, while still sticking true to herself which made her admirable and relatable. When she donned a huge, white fluffy wedding gown to marry Prince Charles the rest of the world followed suit. Known for her off the shoulder sheaths, pearls, and beautiful sapphire jewels, she is cemented in the hearts of many as a true style icon.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

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Madonna’s style has varied over the years, but one thing is for sure Madonna is the queen of pop diva. Her artistic adaptation of on stage fashion had changed how every performer executes their shows today. Her fashion choices still widely influence today’s trends such as the ever popular underwear-as-outerwear and layers and layers of necklaces including crosses.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

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Sitting as one of the biggest contemporary fashion icons, Rihanna has changed the name of the game when it comes to fashion. Whether she’s flaunting flamboyant outfits on the Red Carpet or keeping it casual chic with her street style, few modern day singers have exemplified fashion icon as much as Rihanna has. 

Source: JustJared

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Who is your favorite style icon?