Festival Vibes

@BluHazl wearing Misayo House pieces to complete her festival look.

We spent the past week seeing everyone’s amazing Coachella pictures on your social media timelines, which officially marks the start of festival season! In our opinion, the best part of festival season is the amazing fashion. It seems like everyone uses these festivals as an opportunity to really let loose with their fashion choices and explore styles they may not try on a regular basis. We are here for every bit of the festival vibes trend!

Whether you’re going to a festival soon or you just love the free spirited and unique fashions of festival season, we have a few tips to help with embodying your inner Coachella superstar.

Jewelry: Misayo House; Top: Anine Bing; Short: TopShop; Cluth: YSL; Shoes: Schutz; Sunglasses: Saint Laurent: Hat: Maison Michel

Wear Bright Colors

Spring is here and summer is on the way, so it is time to bust out your vibrant wardrobe pieces. If you typically shy away from color, try and incorporate it by having at least one bright piece in your outfit.

Don’t Be Scared

Do you have a bold outfit in mind but it’s a bit out of the box for your typical taste? Now is the time to wear it! Release your inhibitions and just go for it. Festival season fashion is about being bold and fearless! Trying putting on that outfit or piece that you’ve had in your closet but have never quite had the courage to wear out.

Prints Are A Yes

You can’t have a festival inspired outfit without a great bold print! There is no better time than now to bust out that floral dress or tribal print shirt you have always loved but haven’t been sure when an appropriate time to rock it is. Right now, all trends are a go. Bold prints are a festival staple and can be muted down a bit if needed by adding denim to your ensemble.

Layer/Stack Your Jewelry

Lastly, you can’t have a real festival look without an abundance of accessories. Whether it is a flower crown, stacking your rings and bracelets or layering necklaces, your accessories will set off the final details of your outfit!

Below are a few Misayo House Jewelry suggestions which we love for festival looks!