Go #BeyondTheBling With Elena Taylor-Bagger

"I smiled on a good day which was few and far between, but inside I was literally numb. I couldn't’ function in my normal capacity." ~ Elena Taylor-Bagger

What is the first thing you would like people to know about you?

Hmmmm. I think it would be that I have 5 amazing children who also double as my best friends. Victoria, Lauren, Kathryn, Justin and Aaron. I’m a little nuts lol so they balance me out.

What fuels your fire & what keeps you going (even when challenged)? 

Whoa that’s loaded, I think for me it would be God first because I realize in MY life, he’s appeared and worked on my behalf in so many ways that as long as I’m given breath I will move forward. MY KIDS!! They are a HUGE fuel for my fire. I feel like I’ve grown up with them. We’ve faced many challenges together and it’s important for me to continue this journey of growth so that they can see, learn and impact generations to come. I had several mini strokes a couple of years back and went through a lot and all I could think of was “God, I’m not going to be happy in heaven, I want to be here with my babies, there’s so much I want to do with them and teach them, you gave them to me, so I want to be here.” He granted me time and I’m grateful.

Can you share a trial/challenge you have experienced? How did you handle it? 

Yes. I have so many (lol) but this is the one that stood out the most in my life so far. I’ve been homeless, slept in my car, in a hotel, single mom working 3 jobs (7 days a week), exhausted, diagnosed with a rare kidney disease, mini strokes and NOTHING compares to going through depression and anxiety. I smiled on a good day which was few and far between, but inside I was literally numb. I couldn't’ function in my normal capacity. I found myself for almost a year and a half just sitting trying to figure out what was wrong, in the meantime, I was losing everything. Home, car, and so much more. The narrative in my head that replayed was not good at all, and I said it out loud to myself as well! Not good!!!! I got through it with literally the unconditional love and support of my kids who not only let me know that something was wrong, but helped me get through it and was there to pick up the pieces afterwards & God! One day, I just started to ask God over and over (i think i said this almost 300 times that day) ‘God fix my mind” and I woke up the next morning and that was a wrap, I was back, no better than before. 

Do you have a tribe/support system? If yes, how do you feel it has helped shape who you are today? 

My tribe and support have been my kids (I could write a book about them alone), family, best friend of 49 years and 1 friend that I’m no longer in contact with. I’ve learned so much from each of my children, it’s funny because I know I’m the parent and I’ve taught them, but wow! their thought process and support for me has been incredible. My family and friends of course have helped shaped me because they can see the inside of me that I ignore sometimes and they help me grow past myself (lol).

What does Women Celebrating Women mean/look like to you? 

Oh my goodness!!! It looks like tenacity, love, unification and change! We are amazing and powerful in so many ways. We have the power to think, feel, create, reason, love, give to so many at one time and somehow people will listen. I love where we are now out loud with Women Celebrating and Supporting other women. We have to understand that we were given an enormous role on this earth to lead, love and make change, so I’m honored and excited to be a part of MH Gems! 

Elena is a single mother of 5 and the founder of The Innovative Mom; which provides support, education and empowerment to mothers globally through Complete Self Care 

Instagram: @theinnovativemom

An #MHGEM is a woman who inspires. She is powerful, captivating and makes a difference. She is a GEM!


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